Here you will find an overview of the Angelantoni group, its history, its Research & Innovation brilliant itinerary always guided by Social Responsibility principles.

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Discover the Group companies’ products: ACS environmental test chambers, Kenosistec vacuum systems for thin film deposition, industrial refrigeration with TURBOALGOR energy recovery kits.

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Angelantoni Industrie Srl
Località Cimacolle 464
06056 Massa Martana (PG) Italy

Tel +39 07589551


Angelantoni has introduced the Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001 international standard, to ensure reliability and compliance with the rules through efficient management that is oriented towards quality, technological innovation and process sustainability.

The Integrated Quality, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility Management System goes far beyond simple compliance with legal requirements, because it allows us to open new horizons by optimizing processes with the goal of implementing increasingly precise and transparent checks, along with the continuous improvement of products and company performance with a view to Total Quality.

UNI EN ISO 9001 SINCE 1995

The ISO 9001 Quality Certification shows that the companies of the Angelantoni Group are able to meet customer expectations, achieving significant improvements in organizational efficiency and product quality by minimizing waste, avoiding errors and increasing productivity. The certificates are available for download in the “Certifications” section of each company's website.

UNI EN ISO 14001 SINCE 2001

The ISO 14001 Environmental Management System provides a systematic framework for the implementing of practices for protecting the environment, preventing pollution, and reducing waste and the consumption of energy and materials. The certificates are available for download in the “Certifications” section of each company's website.

Angelantoni Group: Innovation to Excel


The Angelantoni Group has always been a center of innovation, through its collaboration with universities and research institutes, which has led to the design and manufacture of cutting-edge products in various fields of application and the registering of a large number of patents.

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