Here you will find an overview of the Angelantoni group, its history, its Research & Innovation brilliant itinerary always guided by Social Responsibility principles.

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Discover the Group companies’ products: ACS environmental test chambers, Kenosistec vacuum systems for thin film deposition, industrial refrigeration with TURBOALGOR energy recovery kits.

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Angelantoni Industrie Srl
Località Cimacolle 464
06056 Massa Martana (PG) Italy

Tel +39 07589551


Founded in 1932, the Angelantoni Industrie Group today includes 4 production/logistics units in Italy and 4 branches for the sale and servicing of ACS products in France, Germany, India and China, with a total of 400 employees by 2022 and a turnover of 80 M Euros.

The Angelantoni Test Technologies sub-holding also includes:

Kenosistec, which designs and manufactures high vacuum thin film deposition systems (PVD coating technologies)

Aerre Service, which provides maintenance and technical assistance for Angelantoni Test Technologies in Northern Italy.

Angelantoni Test Technologies has a total of 350 employees and a turnover of 75 M Euro by 2023.

Angelantoni Industrie Holding, with approximately 25 employees, also has minority interests in:

TurboAlgor, which offers solutions for energy recovery in industrial refrigeration plants;

Angelantoni Life Science, which designs and manufactures biomedical refrigeration equipment.

Angelantoni Industrie still retains 100% of Archimede Solar Energy, manufacturer of receiver tubes for thermodynamic solar energy, whose production is being considered for resumption.

ACS Thermal Vacuum Chamber HVT240K -170130 GN2 will contribute to the Space Smart Factory project by Thales Alenia Space.

ACS Thermal Vacuum Chamber HVT240K -170130 GN2 will contribute to the Space Smart Factory project by Thales Alenia Space.

SImulatore Spaziale per Thales Alenia Space Roma


Protagonists in improving the future of humanity, we support the technological progress of our customers with expertise, passion and sustainable solutions.


Specialists in cold technology since 1932 and a leader in innovation through continuous improvement and environmental sustainability. A global team of professionals inspired by ethical values, driven by passion and open to challenges.



Angelantoni has introduced the ISO 9001 international standard into its operations to ensure efficient management that is oriented towards quality, technological innovation and process sustainability.



The goal of all Angelantoni products is to make everything that surrounds mankind more reliable: tests on materials and products, the conservation of organic substances, surface treatments.



Protecting health and safety is a strategic priority for the Angelantoni Group, which works toward the continuous improvement of the work environment and the eliminating of potential risk situations.


Environmental sustainability

Our commitment to protecting the environment impacts every process activity and is combined with the creation of eco-friendly products that allow significant energy savings.


High technology R&D

In the wake of the founder’s brilliant insights, the Angelantoni companies have designed and manufactured extremely innovative products in diversified fields, collaborating with universities and research centers.



Since 1932, the various generations of the Angelantoni family have had the entrepreneurial ability to accept new challenges, considering them as opportunities for growth for both the company and the community.

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