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The President of the Angelantoni Industrie Group is Gianluigi Angelantoni, invested with the title of “Cavaliere del Lavoro” (Order of Merit for Labor), who is also president of the Mechanics section of Confindustria Umbria and National Vice President of the Kyoto Club, a nonprofit organization consisting of companies, bodies, associations and local administrations, working toward the achieving of greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

Cavaliere Gianluigi Angelantoni confirmed President of the Mechanics section of Confindustria Umbria

On 23 July Cavaliere Gianluigi Angelantoni was renewed as President of the Metalworking Industry Section of Confindustria Umbra

In the interview with F. Nucci of Il Messaggero, G. Angelantoni underlines the importance of digital innovation in this specific historical moment, both as a lever to encourage the internationalization of companies and overcome the obstacles caused by the lockdown, and as a form of resilience to the current economic context. In an effective export strategy, to date, it is unthinkable to exclude the online component from marketing, both when operating in a B2B or B2C market.

Even for companies that already had a significant foreign presence such as Angelantoni Test Technologies, digitization acts as a simplification tool for processes, facilitating relations, for example between headquarters and foreign branches, and actually allows to consolidate the presence in international markets through acquisition of new customers. The integration of Internet operating methods and tools throughout the value chain has a positive impact in terms of the adoption of new strategies aimed at internationalization, partly reducing costs and accelerating processes. Angelantoni has started these activities for some time and is working to reach an important level of digital maturity.

Organizational and process innovation is in fact an essential element of the company's development, as well as being an integral part of the culture of environmental sustainability which is the tool for continuous improvement for a future that does not alter the planet's resources.

The President also highlighted the fundamental role of Training, as a necessary vehicle to overcome some gaps (including cultural ones) and to prepare highly specialized technicians to implement innovation in the company.

Angelantoni donates equipment to the Polyclinic of Milan

The Angelantoni Group, through its subsidiary Angelantoni Life Science, has accepted the invitation from Confindustria Umbria to a fundraising for the healthcare system.

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