Here you will find an overview of the Angelantoni group, its history, its Research & Innovation brilliant itinerary always guided by Social Responsibility principles.

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Discover the Group companies’ products: ACS environmental test chambers, Kenosistec vacuum systems for thin film deposition, industrial refrigeration with TURBOALGOR energy recovery kits.

Success stories and the most important projects achieved by the Angelantoni Group companies.


Angelantoni Industrie Srl
Località Cimacolle 464
06056 Massa Martana (PG) Italy

Tel +39 07589551

Live demo session for the SMARTFREEZER® EVO

The ALS webinar dedicated to the only fully automated freezer for the individual storage of test tubes at ‑180°C in liquid nitrogen is streamed live on YouTube.

Decorative is good, Antibacterial is a must

Thanks to its ten years of working with the research world, Kenosistec offers systems with technologies designed to develop and improve the classic Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) by giving the objects bactericidal and antiviral properties as well.

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