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Awarding of the Star of Merit for Labor to Maurizio Ascani

The prestigious award of the Italian Republic was granted this year to Maurizio Ascani.

The "Star of Merit of Labor" is a prestigious award of the Italian Republic, granted by the Head of State, on the proposal of the Minister of Labor and Social Policies, to those employees of public and private companies who have distinguished themselves for particular merits of expertise, industriousness and good moral conduct in at least 25 years of activity.

We are proud to have the first "Master of Labor", Maurizio Ascani, within the Angelantoni Group. Thanks to his talents, recognized by all, not only as a researcher and innovator, Maurizio was and is a constant technical point of reference for all colleagues and new hires. The willingness and aptitude for collaboration have also allowed him to always maintain excellent relationships with colleagues, superiors and partners in the long career that has seen him work in various companies of the Group.

His creativity was expressed in particular in the invention of 7 patents relating to energy efficiency in refrigeration systems, in the field of  environmental test chambers and in the general refrigeration sector. Numerous articles have been published in prestigious technical and scientific journals such as Il Freddo, Energy Procedia and Applied Thermal Engineering.

An important recognition for Maurizio Ascani and a tangible sign of the company's commitment to enhancing and rewarding its resources for their industriousness, quality and dedication to work, recognizing them the role of "ambassadors" of the organisation's own values.

Innovazione e digitalizzazione per lo sviluppo d'impresa: importante incontro presso Angelantoni Industrie

L’ incontro con l’ Assessore allo Sviluppo economico, Innovazione e transizione digitale della Regione Umbria, dr. Michele Fioroni, e’ stato di particolare interesse per tutti i membri del Consiglio Direttivo della Sezione Industrie Metalmeccaniche dell’ Umbria.

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