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ACS alla Fiera A&T Automation & Testing | 22 - 24 Febbraio 2023

ACS at A&T Fair, Automation & Testing | 22 - 24 February 2023

Discovery My - the most versatile chamber in the market - at A&T, the event of excellence in Italy for companies that focus on Innovation, Reliability and 4.0 Skills.

Also this year ACS will attend A&T, the event of excellence in Italy for companies that focus on Innovation, Reliability and 4.0 Skills.

At stand no. G43 ACS will exhibit the T and RH test chamber DM340 belonging to the Discovery MY series, the most versatile available on the market:

  • the "Universal Use" version guarantees high performance, a rich basic configuration and a large number of accessories to adapt to all our customers' requests
  • the "E" version allows basic performance and is ideal for applications where high performance is not required (i.e: stability tests in the pharmaceutical sector)
  • the "ES" version has superior performance and allows "global quality" tests with T variation speed of 5°K/min or tests where high reliability is required
  • the "ESS" version (Environmental Stress Screening) is available in 2 versions, with T variation speed of 10°K or 15°K/min, and allows to detect product and production defects ("infant mortality")
  • the "flower®" version combines the possibility of carrying out climatic tests with environmental protection thanks to the reduction of energy consumption and the use of ecological and recyclable materials.

Furthermore, the chambers of the Discovery My series, thanks to specific accessories, can be offered in other configurations for particular test needs:

  • Discovery My ACU, equipped with with air treatment units, which allow to simulate the desired temperature and humidity inside the chamber and to convey the conditioned air inside an external unit for the specimen 
  • Discovery My SR for sunlight tests, which allow the sample to be subjected to tests that simulate the effect of sunlight.
  • Discovery My with liquid nitrogen cooling, which allow a cooling speed of over 30K/min.
  • Discovery My BT for tests on battery cells and modules, which are equipped with the accessories necessary to meet the requirements of the EUCAR risk level requested by the customer.

More information on the complete ACS range of environmental test chambers at this link.

ACS bei der Messe Automotive Testing Expo in Indien 2023, in Chennai

Angelantoni Test Technologies nimmt vom 20. bis 23. April an der führenden internationalen Messe für Test-, Entwicklungs- und Validierungstechnologie in der Automobilbranche teil.