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Erfahren Sie mehr über die Produkte der Unternehmen der Gruppe: die Prüfkammern für Umweltsimulationen von ACS, die biomedizinischen Geräte und Kühlsysteme von ALS und die Systeme zur Aufbringung von dünnen Schichten unter Vakuum von Kenosistec.

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ACS attends the Australian Space Forum - Adelaide 31/03/2021

It is the most important bi-annual event in the Aerospace sector in Australia , where the newly created Australian Space Agency will do national investments in the aerospace sector triple in the next 7 years (12 billion dollars and 20,000 jobs).

The forum will was an important opportunity for ACS not only to promote the brand and learn about the needs of a new market, but also to find possible sources of collaboration with industry experts and ideas for technological innovation, which is one of the keys of  its success.

In fact, ACS is already a leader in the testing of satellites and their sub-components in Europe and Asia, where it collaborates, since the first space simulator (Thermal Vacuum Chamber) built in 1988, with the most important Space Agencies and companies in the sector: Thales Alenia Space, Leonardo, CIRA and Argotec in Italy; Thales Alenia Space in France; the National Satellite Test Facility in UK; ESA and TNO in the Netherlands; Astrocast in Switzerland; INTA in Spain, Roscomos in Russia; ISRO in India, KARI in Korea, ANGKASA in Malaysia; CONAE in Argentina.

After following the virtual edition of the Australian Space Forum in Adelaide in November 2020 with a digital booth, which attracted over 1200 high-level registrations and speakers from all over the world, the Sydney chamber of Commerce attended the March 2021 edition in representation of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and 13 Italian companies in the sector and associated with the Chamber, including ACS.

Among the topics of the 11th edition of the Adelaide Forum, which was attended by leaders of the Australian government, including Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the ASA, the country's University and Research institutions, there were the main policies of the national space sector; the construction of an ecosystem to promote spatial education and national awareness on the subject; quantum engineering in the field of international telecommunications and R&D for manufacturing and advanced industrial production for aerospace.

A high-profile sector, therefore, characterized by excellence and large investments in which ICCIAUS and the "Sistema Italia" firmly believe, with the intention of promoting companies that will be able to promptly grasp its importance and with the aim of guiding them into an opportunity of growth for the immediate future, guaranteeing a permanent presence and creating opportunities for collaboration and investment thanks to constant public relations, consultancy and partnership work.


Was ist eine Vakuumkammer und wie funktioniert sie?

ACS-Vakuumkammern sind Geräte, die zur Simulation von Umgebungsbedingungen im Weltraum eingesetzt werden.