Vous trouverez ici un aperçu du groupe Angelantoni, son histoire, le brillant parcours de la Recherche et de l'Innovation guidé par les critères de Responsabilité Sociale qui l'ont toujours distingué.

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Découvrez les produits des sociétés du groupe : chambres pour essais environnementaux simulés ACS, systèmes sous vide pour le dépôt de films minces Kenosistec, réfrigération industrielle avec les kits TURBOALGOR pour la récupération d'énergie.

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Angelantoni Industrie Srl
Località Cimacolle 464
06056 Massa Martana (PG) Italy

Tel +39 07589551
Il Gruppo Angelantoni festeggia i 90 anni con i dipendenti e con la comunità di Massa Martana

The Angelantoni Group celebrates its 90th anniversary with a Family Day for employees and their families.

On Saturday 10th of September the Angelantoni Group's event will take place in the historical centre of Massa Martana.

Almost a century of history for Angelantoni Industrie, which celebrates its 90th anniversary with a second series of events dedicated to its employees, their families and the Massa Martana community. The Family Day will be open to employees' families, an occasion that will allow them to visit the two company headquarters in Massa Martana, at the Cimacolle and Villa San Faustino locations, and participate in the event at the Gubbiotti Park, organised by the local cultural association Actor Mattis, organisers of the Micro Olympics, an event that celebrates its 30th edition this year. 

In the evening, the central square and the streets of the village of Massa Martana will host a dinner for all Group employees and family members. Thanks to the patronage of the municipality, this will be a special edition - dedicated to the Angelantoni Group - of the 'Magnata', a typical tradition of Massa Martana created in the mid-1970s and strongly supported by Oreste Angelantoni, then president of the Proloco and Cesare Angelantoni, president of the Order of the Magnata. At the end of the dinner there will be a  pop music concert with Annalisa Baldi & Zero in Condotta. 

"I have inherited from my father an entrepreneurial legacy made of courage, farsightedness and ability," emphasises Cavaliere Gianluigi Angelantoni, president of the Group, "undoubtedly a success story that in 90 years has been able to evolve in an increasingly complex and competitive market. The strength of our human capital, the skills of individuals and intelligent investments still allow us to be a healthy and strong reality, well rooted in the territory, but with an international vocation and many new projects to be realised. These 90 years are the result of our way of conceiving business, based on strategic choices always oriented to consolidate and strengthen our presence in Umbria to take our knowledge and all the experience of Made in Italy elsewhere in the world. 

We have always invested and will continue to invest,' underlines Cavalier Angelantoni, 'in projects, knowledge and human resources to be competitive and forward-looking, without ever forgetting the strong bond with the territory. It is a symbiosis also made up of valid human resources, giving and receiving from the company that operates and prospers in the territory”.

The indissoluble bond with the territory of Massa Martana also emerges in the words of Mayor Francesco Federici. "On the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Angelantoni Group," says the first citizen, "I welcome the opportunity to testify to the fundamental and indispensable value of the same, a symbol of constant progress in our territory; together with the lustre that, universally, it has given and will continue to give to Massa Martana. I am certain that I interpret the feelings of all citizens, in expressing on my own behalf and on behalf of the Municipal Administration, which I have the honour to represent, my best and sincere wishes to the Angelantoni Group for a future full of growing entrepreneurial fortunes, bringing well-being and development to all".

In the spring of 1932, Giuseppe Angelantoni began the long journey of his business in refrigeration technology in Milan. He probably did not imagine then that his name, 90 years later, would become an expression of world leadership in cold engineering and environmental testing.

The history of the Angelantoni Group is first and foremost the history of a company that began and developed as a family business, from the founder Giuseppe Angelantoni who, a native of Massa Martana in the province of Perugia, moved to Milan and founded a refrigeration equipment factory in 1932.

The first exclusive solutions and related patents date back to the immediate post-war period, such as the first two-stage refrigeration compressor in 1949, before moving on in '61 to exceed the -100°C threshold in a freezer with traditional compressors, and so on in a crescendo of innovative solutions both in the field of environmental testing and in life sciences. 

In the meantime, the company was relocated to its home country, developed in various business sectors, expanded abroad and became the Group that today operates in the international market with diversified companies, foreign subsidiaries and representatives in all countries of the world.

Angelantoni Industrie today comprises 4 production units in Italy and 4 subsidiaries for the Sales and Service of ACS products in France, Germany, India and China, with a total of over 400 employees and a turnover of over 80 million euros.

"A special thank you," highlights Cavaliere Angelantoni, "goes to all the directors, employees and collaborators who have invested their time and ingenuity in the growth of Angelantoni Industrie to date. The development and success of a company passes through the work and constant commitment of its people. Knowing how to work as a group, being a team, and getting involved seem commonplace, but it is precisely these skills that enable a company like ours to aspire to increasingly challenging goals. This special anniversary is the result of everyone's contribution. Celebrating 90 years of history is an invitation to look forward with optimism. The current challenges, as we know, for every sector of our industry, are many and demanding; observing the path taken by Angelantoni Industrie and its management with absolute determination reassures us about the future, because it shows that our companies will continue to explore the best opportunities and strategies to strengthen their competitive position and maintain their leadership; we have the means and resources to adapt to the continuous demands of the market and society".

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