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Angelantoni Industrie Srl
Località Cimacolle 464
06056 Massa Martana (PG) Italy

Tel +39 07589551

The Angelantoni Group confirms the innovative process of its companies in the name of sustainability

Angelantoni Life Science launches on the market "NEXUS green", its new line of environmentally friendly ULT freezers using natural gas and inverter compressors.

The new line of -80°C freezers "NEXUS green" uses natural refrigerant gases and inverter compressors, thus allowing customers to both reduce consumption and be less harmful to the community:

•    The refrigerants used are hydrocarbon-based representing an elite class of valid alternatives to the most common high GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerants: 

      1st stage: R290

      2nd stage: R290 + R170 mixture

•    The Inverter system allows very considerable energy savings due to the inverter's ability to control and adapt the operating speed in relation to the required temperature.

The "NEXUS green" circuit board is of the latest generation with full color 7 "display, touch key interface, and parameter registration system.

As an option, the handle can be equipped with the well-known maximum security access control  system developed by ALS, BIOGUARD®, which allows the freezer to be opened only by users in possess of a personal ID card.


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ACS at Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen, Germany

The European edition of Space Tech Expo is the main event dedicated to the testing and engineering sectors of spacecraft, subsystems and components.

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