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  • Angelantoni Test Technologies (ATT) has always been a great driver of innovation through its collaboration with research institutes and universities, leading to the registration of a number of patents and the production and marketing of state-of-the-art products for various test applications. With regard to the environment-simulation test chambers, in addition to the “ecological” Flower® chamber, which makes possible a considerable reduction of energy consumption, worthy of note are devices and equipment of outstanding technological complexity such as:

    • calorimeters for testing the energy efficiency of air conditioners in the household appliance and automobile sectors

    • high vacuum chambers for tests on satellites and satellite parts

    • HALT/HASS test chambers for the accelerated stress test for verifying component reliability

    • climatic wind tunnels for aerodynamic testing under various climatic conditions, for manufacturers of the automobile and aeronautic sectors

  • Angelantoni Life Science (ALS) invests more than 10% of its turnover in Research and Development, with a multidisciplinary team of engineers and researchers of the biomedical sector committed to developing the most innovative Life Science solutions. ALS research has led to the development of unique, high-tech biomedical equipment such as Hemosafe®, the computerized refrigerated blood bank for storing and distributing bags of packed red blood cells, and Smartfreezer®, the robotized biorepository with storage in liquid nitrogen vapour at -80°C or -180°C.

  • Angelantoni CleanTech (ACT) is a group characterized by major R&D investments in the clean technologies sector, with a specific focus on solar energy. With 23 patents registered worldwide, collaborations with major European universities and research centres, and know-how gained through the long experience of its technicians, ACT has entered the solar energy market with highly innovative products; it has also developed a patented, technologically advanced system, called Turboalgor, which permits saving up to 30% of the energy used by industrial refrigeration systems.

Archimede Solar Energy (ASE) is the unique producer in the world of the patented molten salts solar receiver tubes, developed with ENEA (National Research Centre for Renewable Energies) after 6 years of joint R&D.

A further huge investment will be done by ASE with the pilot demo-plant for CSP technology, close to the ASE new plant, to test new tubes and solar components.