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In accordance with standard OHSAS 18001 and Italy’s UNI-INAIL SGSL guidelines, Angelantoni has introduced an Occupational Health and Safety management system into its solar, testing, and biomedical production activities, because only by continuous efforts for improving the workplace any potential risk can be eliminated.

Occupational health protection is a strategic priority of Angelantoni Industrie, and proof of the attention it devotes to these matters is the fact that for two consecutive years the company has achieved the result of “zero” accidents and injuries. The coordination of all the company activities makes it possible to protect the staff , productivity, personnel motivation, compliance with rules, and a continuous improvement of the safety levels and company performance.

Bringing out the best in people is in itself a creation of value, and thus the health and wellbeing of workers are at the basis of a company model for a successful business and shared corporate culture.