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Angelantoni Industrie believes that the success of a company is measured not only through the financial indicators, but also thanks to a combination of economic, environmental, and social factors. Sustainability is an integral part of the corporate culture, and is an instrument for continuous improvement, to achieve a sustainable future without altering the planet’s resources and avoid exploiting it beyond its possibilities.
Angelantoni has adopted the 7 principles of the ISO 26000 Guidelines on Social Responsibility using the Ethical Business model, convinced that it is necessary not only to seek the goal of a maximization of profit, but also the responsibility of knowing how to recognize and make the most of the human capital, talents, and know-how that make up the company’s intangible value, thus achieving the aims of excellence, pride of belonging, and an original and winning corporate culture.

Our productions in the solar, testing, and biomedical fields are a guarantee of reliability, safety, and environmental compatibility for both those producing them and their users.

The principles, formalized in the Code of Ethics, are the principles and values of the corporate culture, as well as the model for the conduct required of all the company personnel.