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In accordance with international standard ISO 14001, Angelantoni has introduced an Environmental Management System into its solar, testing, and biomedical production activities, and registered it under EMAS.
From this standpoint, the company’s adoption of voluntary environmental management models goes well beyond mere compliance with legal requirements and the Environmental Statement, publicizing the results attained in environmental management and thus demonstrating an undertaking of responsibility and transparency with regard to the entire community.

It is with great pride that we can state and show that our commitment for environmental protection is an essential element permeating every one of our process and product activities. This can be seen, in particular, in the continuous reduction or elimination of environmental impacts (for example by installing photovoltaic panels on roofs and a biomass thermal energy system for heating and cooling the plant), in energy savings, and in the research and development of products that not only reduce environmental impact themselves, but also become instruments for helping the community cut down its consumption of resources.

Angelantoni Industrie strives for a coexistence of the environment and economic development while protecting the territory, landscape, and biodiversity. This is our Group’s primary mission.