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Vision, Mission and Values

Angelantoni’s staff is highly diversified in cultures and experiences, but all share the same principles and ethical values, passion for challenges, and pursuit of excellence.

To be a worldwide technological leader for the biomedical, testing, and clean technologies sectors, with a specific focus on the solar sector.

To exceed customer expectations in terms of quality and production timing, through a process of constant improvement while maintaining environmental sustainability.


  • Responsibility: for the environment, people’s physical and mental health, and staff and customer satisfaction.
  • Honesty/Transparency: treating everyone with respect, sincerity, and justice. Ethics and Rights: respect for human beings and their rights, integrity, and differences.
  • Humanity: commitment at the social and corporate level for the community development.
  • Compliance with laws: compliance with Italian laws and international regulations and standards applicable to its business and mission.
  • Excellence: rispetto delle leggi italiane e delle norme internazionali applicabili alla propria attività e alla propria Mission.
    to obtain extraordinary results thanks to an excellent group, with the best work practices in its goals and daily processes.
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