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Angelantoni Group

Angelantoni Industrie Group, established in 1932, is constituted of 3 sub-holding companies Angelantoni Test Technologies (ATT), Angelantoni Life Science (ALS), Angelantoni Clean Tech (ACT) and one subsidiary Archimede Solar Energy (ASE) – with 6 production and logistic facilities in Italy, Germany, India, and China.

Angelantoni Test Technologies (ATT) operates in defense, aerospace, automotive and electronics sectors, offering a wide range of testing machines. Through its ACS brand, ATT is a world leader since 1952 in the design and manufacture of environment-simulation test chambers, including high-tech tests such as calorimeters and high vacuum chambers for aerospace applications.

Angelantoni Life Science (ALS) manufactures biomedical equipment for healthcare, pharmaceutical industry, and life science research institutes. ALS produces a complete range of low and ultra-low temperature freezers (even robotics), refrigerated blood banks, rapid plasma freezers, stability test climatic chambers and biological safety hoods.

Angelantoni CleanTech (ACT) operates in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency, producing as Elianto, CSP thermodynamic solar power plants with Fresnel reflectors and as T.R.U.S.T., a turbocharger device that when applied to refrigeration systems, allows to save up to 20% of electrical energy.

Archimede Solar Energy (ASE) is a world leader in the production of solar receiver tubes for thermodynamic power plants with parabolic trough collectors. The receivers are designed to operate at high temperatures (up to 580° C) with different types of heat transfer fluid, such as molten salts, diathermic oil and Direct Steam Generation.

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