Cookies policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a string of data that a website sends to the user’s computer, smartphone, or other device (usually to the browser), where they are stored for retransmission to the site on the user’s next visit. The data can also be stored on the computer by means of an anonymous tag that identifies the computer only, but not the user. Some pages of this domain also use third-party cookies, as well as other technologies aiming to offer a better browsing experience and for profiling purposes.

Type of cookies

There are various types of cookies.
Cookies may be stored on the user’s device by the manager of the website being visited (publisher) or by the owner of a different site that sets cookies through the first site (third party).

In the case of third-party cookies, this site has no direct control over the single cookies, and cannot act on them in any way (neither setting them directly nor deleting them). Users may in any case manage these cookies through their browser settings or by accessing the third-parties’ sites.

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are those used solely for the purpose of transmitting a communication over an electronic communication network, or insofar as is necessary for the information company service provider to provide the service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user.

They are not used for any other purposes, and are normally set directly by the owner of this website, but may also be set by third parties, as in the case of Google and HubSpot cookies.

Browser or session cookies

These guarantee a normal browsing experience and proper use of the website and its services (permitting, for example, authentication for access to reserved areas).

Performance cookies

These are similar to technical cookies, and are used by the site owner to collect aggregate information on the number of users and how they visit and use the site. Performance cookies conduct anonymous statistical surveys on the site’s functions. They are persistent cookies, i.e. they remain stored until they expire on the hard disk of the user/visitor’s device.
The websites of the Group companies use Google Analytics to analyse how visitors use them. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect information generally used on the Internet and to study visitor behaviour in a totally anonymous manner.
More information on the cookies used by Google Analytics can be found in the document ( More information is available in the (
The companies of the Group do not share the statistical analyses on site browsing with third parties. Users may choose to enable or disable these cookies using the( E' possibile inoltre consultare la Privacy Policy di Google per Google Analytics (
The companies of the Group do not share the statistical analyses on site browsing with third parties. Users may choose to enable or disable these cookies using the(

Functionality cookies

These enable users to browse on the basis of a series of select criteria (for example, language, products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service provided to them.
Functionality cookies are used to increase the usability of the websites of the Group companies. The companies use Google Maps on the “Where we are” page to provide information for locating and reaching them. Google Maps stores these two cookies: khcookie, and SNID. The Group companies use interactive Google maps, because they believe they provide a useful aid to help visitors reach them. The Group companies use the Google Maps tools based on the fact that Google complies with its own ( and terms of service.( Khcookie and SNID are two cookies used by Google for browsing purposes in the “Where we are” section to find indications on the map for reaching the Group companies.

Profiling cookies

If users wish to browse Angelantoni Group’s websites, they must be aware that these sites also use profiling cookies.

If the users fill in the forms available on the sites giving their personal data, it will be possible to follow their browsing experiences by associating them with an identified user. In any case, profiling cookies could be used to create profiles related to the interested party.
To use the profiling cookies, it is necessary to obtain the user’s prior informed consent, which has been expressed via the Summary Cookies Policy, and which may be confirmed or modified by enabling or disabling the HubSpot cookies used by the site. The link below can be used to acquire more information on the third-party profiling cookies used and disable them if desired:

Transfer of data to non-European countries

The information acquired through the use of cookies (Google Maps, Google Analytics, and HubSpot) may be transferred to non-European countries that ensure adequate guarantees as to the protection of users’ personal data, when such third parties have adhered to the EU-US Privacy Shield.

Duration of cookies

With regard to their duration, cookies may be:
- temporary or for the duration of a session (session cookies): these are used to file temporary information and permit interconnecting the actions taken during a specific session, and are removed from the user’s device when the browser is closed;
- permanent (persistent cookies): these are used to file information, and remained stored on the user’s device even after the browser has been closed.

Cookies set on this website

Below is a list of the cookies present on Angelantoni Group sites, classified by company, type and category and indicating their duration.











For the description of other third-party cookies, other than the ones already mentioned before (Google Analytics; Google Maps and HubSpot) links are provided to the pages of their websites where the information can be found.

For enabling cookies use the browser’s’ procedures as described herein below.


For the setting of technical, analytics, functionality, and browser cookies, no prior user consent is necessary. These cookies may, however, be disabled, in which case the possibility to browse the site and access its various functions cannot be guaranteed.

Users may also express their preferences regarding the use of cookies through their browser settings, following the procedures indicated below for the most popular browsers.

To learn more, visit the dedicated browser page. Browser Google Chrome

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User’s rights and complaints

To exercise the access right and other rights of data subjects and for information on how to request data access and the exercise of your rights, as well as on the right to lodge a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority, see the Privacy Policy.